My name is Václav Vanču­ra. I am a design­er of Visu­al Stu­dio for Mac and some oth­er Microsoft prod­ucts, father of three and hus­band of one. As I am respon­si­ble for the design of cross-plat­form devel­op­er tools design here at MS, I push pix­els for all two major desk­top plat­forms: macOS and Windows.

When the work is over, I usu­al­ly spend time on my projects, main­ly games and from time to time a tool or two. I sketch every day – you can see my illus­tra­tion port­fo­lio in the illus­tra­tion sec­tion. I also like to align angles and objects in my pho­tos, which is a fight I nev­er win – see them on vancura.photos or on Insta­gram. You can fol­low my pearls of wis­dom and retweets on Twit­ter.

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