His­toric build­ings and memorials.

Starship Kreuzberg Alliance

Star­ship Kreuzberg Alliance — Our vaca­tion space­craft to Berlin and Łeba has just depart­ed. We have arrived at Kreuzberg, Berlin, and it’s incred­i­ble. Maybe we should­n’t have eat­en all that kebap, and it would per­haps be bet­ter if it were not so hot, but so far, amazeballs.


Bel­fry — The bell tow­er of the only reli­gious build­ing built in the 1980s in the Czech Repub­lic – U Jákobo­va žebříku.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memo­r­i­al to the Mur­dered Jews of Europe — A lot hap­pened today, and hard to find the right pho­to. It’s blaz­ing­ly hot these days in Berlin (up to 34 degrees) – the Memo­r­i­al shad­ows offered some nice cooldown, but maybe because of the heat wave the feel­ing of the place was more pow­er­ful than usu­al. Not all the peo­ple felt it the same way: there were num­bers of kids jump­ing on the blocks and count­less tourists shoot­ing self­ies. I felt this lady some­how pre­cise­ly matched the mood in the scorch­ing sum­mer air.