Ice­Warp – User Interface

User Inter­face for the Ice­Warp email, cal­en­dar, and con­tacts web application.

Created in: 2011 – 2012
Client: Ice­Warp

Ice­Warp inte­grates all com­mu­ni­ca­tion & col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures in one uni­fied solution.

Please also check out the icons I cre­at­ed for the project.

IceWarp UI – GUI

Mail appli­ca­tion.

IceWarp UI – Contacts

Con­tacts application.

IceWarp UI – Calendar

Cal­en­dar application.


New Email.


Mail Appli­ca­tion Kitchensink.


New Email Win­dow Kitchensink.


Instant Mes­sen­ger.


Set­tings Window.

As usu­al, it took some time to design all these comps – Dribb­ble was rel­a­tive­ly new at the time, so I post­ed the progress there. Please see some of those screens below:

On Dribbble:

Semi-native-like GUI Toolkit
Semi-native-like GUI Toolkit

The client changed their mind about the col­or palette I used before and decid­ed to keep head­er and foot­er grayscale, so it fits all browsers. The focus will be on col­or con­tent in behind.

Chat Status Icons
Chat Sta­tus Icons
Header, Menu and a Folder List
Head­er, Menu and a Fold­er List
Email Layout
Email Lay­out

A basic lay­out of the mail app from the Ice­Warp suite.

Email List and Content
Email List and Content
IceWarp Email Client Redesign
Ice­Warp Email Client Redesign