Odpad Fic­tion

A month­ly comics about life in the wastelands.

Created in: 2002
Client: TLP

For some time in 2002, these comics series were print­ed in a month­ly mag­a­zine called Inter­net by the Trade & Leisure Pub­li­ca­tions house. The sto­ry is about a group of mutant friends in the waste­lands below our very own world. There’s so much waste every­where that peo­ple decide to build a new lev­el above it where they live, not know­ing there’s anoth­er civ­i­liza­tion a lev­el below, on ruins of their old world (the sto­ry is by my good friend Marin Vaňo).

Hav­ing two sheets next to each oth­er was great. It seems triv­ial, but the fact you have twice as large space was a big deal: con­sid­er you have five rows for every­thing, the first row is an intro, the last one needs to final­ize the sto­ry of the issue, and you’re left with just three rows for every­thing else. Here we had five more rows, that’s eight rows alto­geth­er. Pret­ty sweet, and we were very for­tu­nate to have a mag­a­zine which would give us one more sheet instead of space for ads.

Don’t miss the final cov­er where I join char­ac­ters from Odpad Fic­tion and Velký muž zná cenu malé mince: Last Inter­net Mag­a­zine Cov­er.

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